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Shiva Restaurant
Served: Conference/ Event/ Wedding
Venue: Ground floor
Operating hours: 10:00am – 10:00pm

Vishnu Restaurant
Served: Conference/ Event/ Wedding
Venue: Floor 1
Operating hours: 10:00am – 10:00pm

Champa Terrace Restaurant
Served: Event/ Wedding
Venue: Outdoor
Operating hours: 10:00am – 10:00pm

Brahma Restaurant
Served: buffet/ gala
Venue: Ground floor
Operating hours: 6:00am – 10:00pm

Private dining rooms, meeting room
Served: private dinner, meeting
Venue: Floor 1
Operating hours: 10:00am – 10:00pm

Served: Conference - Event - Wedding
Venue: Ground floor (Hotel)
Operating hours: 7:00am – 10:00pm

Served: Conference - Event - Wedding
Venue: Ground floor
Operating hours: 10:00am – 10:00pm

Garden Outlet
Served: A-la-carte, fresh seafood
Venue: Garden
Operating hours: 6:00am – 10:00pm

Served: Breakfast/ Coffee
Venue: River garden
Operating hours: 6:00am – 10:00pm

With a wide selection of local handicrafts, gift wrapping and artworks offer variety of choices as perfect impression at the resort.
Operating hours: 8:00am – 7:00pm

We offer ten separate, luxurious massage and Spa rooms, located next to the river's edge. These airy spaces will awaken your senses, refresh your mind and pamper your body.... a place where your cares and tress will melt away.
Try our special massage with a Himalaya Salt Stone. Champa Spa is the only spa in Nha Trang to offer this special service.
Operating hours: 8:00am – 11:00pm

Our outdoor swimming pool area is over 1000 square meters (Depth: 0,5m to 1,8m) at Champa Island resort and one pool at Cham Oasis amost 1500 square meters (Depth: 0,5m to 1,5m) with pool lifeguard on operation time.
Operating hours: 6:00am – 6:00pm

The perfect place to spend your day, have a few drinks and taste our snacks while sunbathing of have a swim.
Operating hours: 7:00am – 10:00pm

You don’t have to give up your fitness schedule when you stay with us. Our fully equipped fitness center is located on the 4th floor of Champa Island hotel and one next to Cham Oasis’s swimming pool.
Operating hours: 6:00am – 8:00pm

We have karaoke! All of our karaoke rooms are fitted with high – end sound equipment and are impressively decorated. They’re great for after work fun or anytime your group of friends want to get together for good times. It is located on the 2nd floor of Champa Palace
Operating hours: 10:00am – 10:00pm

A kid friendly play area with swings, slides and a green area to explore at Champa Garden restaurant and Apsara coffee. Children will love the animal show on Sunday mornings.
Operating hours: 7:00am – 8:00pm


The love lock brigde is unique in Nha Trang. Lovers inscribe their names on the locks, attach them to the bridge and then throw the key into the Cai river. A wonderful 0sentimental symbol that says nothing can ever break their eternal love.


1. Registration and change of residence:

- Owner of the apartment/villa has the responsibility to declare and register all information about family members residing in apartment/villa (maximum 4 adult members/ apartments and 6 adult members/ villa) for Cham Oasis’s management board working with temporary residence registration offices.
- In the case of hiring maids, you must also declare to issue cards and they have to show to the support staff/security office at the entrance of the UMA Condotel building. Management board may limit the number of cards for maid for security purpose when necessary.
- If the tenant apartment/villa or staying long day or overnight, they must report to the Management Board or Protection/UMA Condotel Reception to guide procedures "temporary residence registration" with local authorities according to regulations of the Law.

2. For the guest: visitors, hotel clients ...:
- "Guests" as family members, friends, employees, representatives, who were allowed, the contractor or any person present at the apartment/ villa or apartment buildings according to the invitation of the apartment/ villa’s residence.
- Strictly observe the provisions of the Cham Oasis and follow the instructions of the Management Board and security guard of Cham Oasis.
- Visitors who come to contact or visit families living in Cham Oasis must present identification documents: ID card, passport ...; and follow the guidance of Reception and Protection’s staffs. Guests were invited to the apartment only be confirmed when the household head goes to the ground floor and pick up them to his apartment.
- In cases where the head of household can not directly pick them up, please contact the front desk for further guidance.
- People in the apartment will submit a written request to the Management Board for approval at least 12 hours before the guest come into the apartment building and stayed overnight. Also responsible for any action, carelessness or negligence of the guest and pay for compensation for all costs and damages to investor, if it occurs.
- People in the apartment are not allow to get into the area of the Project where is considered "post-lobby" or the personnel area (doors’s fitted sheet "Staff Only"), the region is determined or owned by investor of the building, and the buyer is not allowed in general use.
- Parking in prescribed places, do not honk and not start too long in the garage because of affecting work space of the office block in the basement garage.
- Do not litter, spit, cause noisy indiscriminate and losses of security, out of order in Cham Oasis.
- Visitors who come to contact, visit households in Cham Oasis do not drunk/ sober and if there are no signs of unruly guests, Oasis Cham protects the right to refuse and do not settle to let them get in the building of Oasis Cham.

3. Preserving public property:

- Do not mount, install or advertise, write, draw on outer side apartments or in public areas of Cham Oasis.
- Do not change the design, the structure of the private residence, partition walls onto the floor, move the equipment and technical systems associated with common ownership, demolition the apartment/ villa or illegal extention the area in any form.
- Apartments/ Villas only be used for residential purpose, do not use for any illegal or unethical purpose. Just do not let others use private ownership contrary to the purpose specified.
- Do not install the antenna, transceiver device outside the apartment, on the roof, balcony or the outside of the apartment/ villa without the written agreement of the investor or Cham Oasis’s management board.
- Do not dismantle, relocate or damage technical equipment which was installed at Oasis Cham to serve common purpose including elevators, fire protection systems, lighting systems, water supply systems, gas systems, camera systems, telephone systems, telephone wave amplifiers, cable TV, wastewater treatment systems and signs. All the repair of public items must be approved by the Cham Oasis’s management board.
- People who do not have the responsibility has been announced not to open the box gaine technique: electricity, water, fire protection, gas, fiber optic telephone, internet and cable TV ...
- Do not leave persistent objects in the toilets which can clog the drain pipes.
- Do not leave personal property such as bicycles, baby strollers in the hallway, stairs.
- Individual caused loss or damages to public property shall be liable to pay damages or handled according to law in case of vandalism.

4. Fixing:

- Do not change arbitrarily electrical system, water supply, fire protection’s devices, installation of gas which was available in the apartment / villa. Do not install additional power lines or electrical systems and use alternative power supplies.
- Not to change the structure and architecture outside of the apartment / villa: outer walls, paint the exterior walls and the balcony railing.
- Not to knock out the wall or demolish toilet’s floor tiles and balcony’s brick background.
- Do not carve walls between two adjacent apartments.
- Not to change the model, the main paint on apartment doors and other doors: balconies, windows.
- Do not construct, repair apartment / villa or cause interior noise which affects the health of other residents in lunch break from 11:30 until 13:30, after 18:00 in the evening, on Saturday, on Sunday and public holidays as prescribed.
- Any repair, modification, installation of additional equipment affecting the beauty and texture of the apartment/ villa must be notified and conducted only after receiving the approval of the Management Board. At the same time the repairs must comply with the instructions of the Management Board as well as the general rules.
- Note: refer to the detailed "Regulations on construction repairs, furnishing apartments".

5. Protecting the security and order:

- All cases of transport assets from Cham Oasis must be confirmed by the head household, notified the Security department for the purpose of tracking.
- Do not organise gambling, involve in gambling in any form, as well as other vices such as drug addiction, injecting drug users, unhealthy recreational activities, disturbing public order. Not arguing, fighting, making noise, crowds affecting security and order in Cham Oasis.
- The commercial or industrial activity in any form will not be carried out and allowed in apartment/ villa.
- Do not carry on business services which make noise, pollution or violation of law such as restaurants, karaoke, discos, practicing superstition, possessing contraband, repair of motorcycles, cars , slaughterhouses, poultry ... or using the apartment/ villa as a place to produce and process goods, or for storage of goods and materials contrary to the current regulations.
- Do not business any types of flammable and explosive goods such as electricity, rock wind, gas, explosives and other dangerous occupations.
- Do not open the audio source which is too large or cause excessive noise allowed to upset and disturb other residents, including the sound emanating from the television, radio or instrument, other devices.
- Do not bring into, harbour and allow harbouring the kind of goods or illegal material, weapons, dangerous, toxic, flammable and explosive substances.
- Should comply with the provisions of safety against fire prescribed by law, any violation will be dealt with under the provisions of the current law.
- Do not place plants, obstructions in the common corridor location which impede the travel of residents and affect the rescue operation, rescue and fire fighting operations ... when the problem occurred.
- Do not gather, make noise in public places such as sidewalks corridors, staircases and gardens.
- Do not travel, live in the rooftop of Condotel, except in special cases with the consent of the Management Board of Cham Oasis.
- Must comply with the general rules when using the common utility services such as swimming pools, spa, fitness room ....
- Do not use water and electricity in public areas for private functions.

6. Safety against fire:
- People in the apartment/ villa including guest is obliged to comply with fire regulations.
- Have to check the water lock and turn off the generator power: stove, microwave, ironing board, vacuum flask ... before leaving the apartment. As long as absence, should disconnect the electric switch, turn off the stove, gas valve and water valve, and shall inform the Management Board to monitor and manage facilities required in these situations.
- Do not use the power cord plugged directly into the outlet.
- Do not leave objects near the breakers, switchboards and electric wires.
- Never use gas to cook in the apartment.
- Do not let the obstacle in the aisles and emergency staircase.
- Device and fire tools must be placed easier to find, retrieve, and no one use them for other purposes.
- Do not use electrical sources and smoke in the area near the gas warehouse, garage and elevator.
- Do not use power arbitrary or overloads.
- Do not burn votive paper, incense in the hallway and exit stairs.
- Do not throw cigarette butts out through the window and balcony.
- Do not cook in the apartment lobby area and stairs.
- When you need to isolate the fire alarm system to fix the apartment, such as painted walls, ceilings ... you must notify the Management Board or Technical/ Protection’s employees of Cham Oasis at least 1 day before and after the completion of the repairs, they must report back to the Management Board to restore the operation of fire alarm systems.
- Flammable substances such as cigarette butts, lighters ... can easily cause a fire, please do not throw them into the container of flammable garbage collection.
- Upon the occurrence of fire, evacuation should be handled through the exit stairs, please be so calm. Also collaboration with the Protection / Receptionist’s staffs or Cham Oasis’ management board, avoid incite and panic other residents. Absolutely do not use elevators.
- Please recommend the active implementation of all households about safety against fire. If the violation occurs, you will pay for compensation and handled in accordance with law.

7. Sanitation for Cham Oasis’s environment and Landscape:

- People who live in the apartment / villa and guests are responsible for ensuring environmental safety and Cham Oasis’s landscape.
- Do not discharge garbage, waste water, emissions, hazardous substances indiscriminately in the building of Condotel, in corridors, walkways, pavements or other public places; do not have any impacts caused leakings, environmental pollution, the detection of cases of this phenomenon must be aware or reflected to Oasis Cham’s management board to prevent and correct promptly.
- Please do not feed livestock, poultry, pet in the apartment and residential areas because it can affect the overall ecological environment by unusual, unpleasant smell emitted or spread from his apartment. It causes trouble and unsafety for the other residents in the building.
- Apartments’s garbage must be placed in bag and tied up (prevent disturbance or falling of garbage and dirty water) before you put the garbage in each floor’s warehouse of Condotel and should have to follow instructions, specified regulation of using junk warehouse.
- The furniture was thrown, leaving indiscriminately in the areas that are not regulated or contrary to the regulations, the Management Board will have full power to deal with and repair damage. All costs incurred for this situation are belong to whom who cause it completely.
- Do not throw rubbish out the window, balcony and stairs.
- Do not leave large items, materials burning down litter gutter system.
- Do not use the coal stove in the apartment.
- Do not break the trees, pick flowers, trample, sit on the grass in the park or in the public sector under the management of Cham Oasis.
- Toilets are available for residents in Basement parking, should not use the toilet for the business area on the ground floor.
- Do not eat in the elevator and cause elevator shaft dirty as well as stairs.
- Do not dry clothes, blankets and personal items ... on the balcony, windows, doors and passageways in the apartments. People in apartments can mount the clothesline in the balcony frames according to the designs of the investor. Do not use the balcony as a place to accommodate fixtures such as warehouses or affecting the landscape outside the building.
- Do not defecate, urinate indiscriminately, pollute the environment in public areas such as hallways, escape staircases, elevators, technical rooms, garden and junk warehouse and other public areas.
- Do not hook hanging potted plants, advertising signs, outdoor unit air conditioning, shade cloth tarp, steel frame, staging and staging clothesline antenna ... outside of the balcony railing, damage the Oasis Cham-aesthetic and can be dangerous for people below the building.
- Do not change the windows, balcony doors, paint and paint railings outside the apartment wall.
- Each apartment is equipped with 1 set of tables allowed seats sightseeing and one umbrella at the balcony of the first floor. Requirement all furniture items and umbrella must be painted white ‘s color. Do not use the ad umbrella, height and diameter of them have to accord to the kind and form whether approved by the Management Board.

8. Using of the elevator and stairs:
- Do not transport people and supplies overload according to regulations of elevators (maximum 630kg/per elevator).
- Do not let children under age 6 in the elevator alone.
- To transport large items such as supplies to repair the buildings, machinery and equipment used in family, you shoud report to the security department in order to arrange lifts’s operation. At UMA Condotel, there are one elevator outermost on the right, specially used to transport items, 3 more lifts used to serve the remaining moves in the building Condotel and 3 staircases. Objects’s measure should be smaller than or equivalent to (0.75 m x 1.8 m in size) to transport in the elevator of 630kg categories. If exceed the size and overload on the elevator, using the stairs is required.
- Do not transport goods and interior decoration materials during peak hours to avoid jamming the elevators (6:30 to 9:00; 16:00 to 18:00).
- Please be careful, pay attention, avoid scratch the stainless steel surface inside and outside the elevator. If so, the Management Board will have the fine processing to compensate for the cost of repairs and maintenance as prescribed.
- Maintaining general hygiene, not littering, spitting, defecating, pushing the elevator.
- Do not allow children playing inside and surrounding area lifts.
- Any item that clog the entrance hallway and exit staircases must be removed immediately. Any person in the apartment willful misconduct, the Management Board will conduct transport all the items out after the announcement one day and we are not responsible for compensation for this loss.
- When getting in stuck in an elevator, please be calm, do not scream panic. Touch alarm inside the elevator, the staff and the Technical Protection timely rescue.
- When there is a fire, absolutely do not use the elevator.

9. Parking Rules:
- Registration information for vehicle in the prescribed form.

- Do not attempt to repair or wash cars, shed and gas extraction in the parking lot.
- Must comply with the guidance of staff or security guard whom is tasked by the management board. Parking at the right area.
- Do not park in the aisle or impede another person's car.
- Do not drive or park in a public corridor.
- The driver must always monitor the rules and panels, the signal in stops and parking areas.
- Car owners must be all responsibility for accidents caused by their negligent driving and compensate for damage caused to people, vehicles and other assets.
- Vehicles (including but not limited dump trucks, cement mixer trucks, passenger cars, buses, light trucks cargo, whether moving or not), are not allowed to get into the apartment building, unless approved by the investor, and must be parked in the designated area.
- Cham Oasis’s management board is not responsible for the damage, injury, loss of property or accidents caused to vehicles used by residents outside Cham Oasis and unregistered vehicles.

10. For individuals or organizations outside services:

- Do not lead visitors get in the apartments without the consent of the Management Board.
- Getting into the apartments must be approved by the customer.
- Do not spread leaflets, brochure ... at Cham Oasis.
- Individuals and organizations rent space in Cham Oasis have to pay management fees, fees charged to the use of elevator and sanitation as prescribed.

11. Payment of fees:
- Maintenance fees are under common ownership contributes periodically (fees are determined according to the size of each apartment by investors). This fee is managed separately and is used only for the repair of Cham Oasis anually. Funds were first collected before handing over the apartment and after 5 (five) years will be collected annually in the notice of the Management Board based on the balance between repair budget’s plan each year and the remaining of maintenance’s fund over years of use.
Households have to pay for public utility services for the Management Board / Investor of Cham Oasis from 5th -> 10th of each month, are as follows:

1. Management fee: includes public electricity, elevators, hallway light, security, protection and garbage collection, public toilets
2. Fees for using Electricity
3. Residential water use fee
4. Fees for using Phone
5. Internet usage fee
6. Charge Cable
7. Parking fee, all vehicles in Cham Oasis.

I. Regulations:
1. All the residents who wish to park their vehicles at the basement shall have to carry out procedures for parking registration. When making registration, the owner/driver fills in the registration for and attach the following documents when submitting the form to Management Board of Cham Oasis Luxury Resort Condotel & Villas:

a) Valid copy of Identity Card or Passport.

b) valid copy of vehicle registration card.

2. If a vehicle owner wishes to stop the card use, plase notify in writing to the Management Board or Operating Team of the parking space 3 business days in advance and in case of having demand to change the information on the card, please notify the Management Board or Operating Team at least 24 hours in advance.

3. The parking space is not fixed for each card. The parking space instructors only accept the registered vehicle and valid parking card.

4. The parking space regulations given by the Investor/Management board should be observed from time to time.

5. The cars or motorbikes not in the registration list or not accepted by the Management Board but left over 3 days and nights at the basement parking space shall be moved to the local police for settlement.

6. The apartment owner is responsible for notifying the Management Board or the Regulating Team in case of having plan to invite visitors of more than 10 motorbikes and 05 cars. The Management Board shall arrange the parking space for them depending on the avaible space. Such vehicles might be arranged at the open parking space.

7. The drivers/vehicle controllers must observe the following instructions:

a) Not smoke at the basement of the building

b) Seriously abide by the regulations of parking space. The controlling and parking in the building must observe the instructions of the parking space staff and the Management Board.

c) The vehicles must be packed in an order manner in the boxed area. Only park at permitted areas and not park at the limited or reserved areas appointed by the Management Board/Operating Team.

d) Must decrease the driving speed – limited driving speed regulated in the building, which is 5km/hr, observing the signals and the instruction arrows when taking the vehicles into the parking space, take special caution to the walkers in the basement area.

e) Dress in a polite and suitable manner at the public area.

f) Not press the horn in the parking space except for extremely necessary cases.

g) Not discharge garbage, make a mess, cause excessive noise at the parking space and not clean the vehicles at the parking space; should adjust the sound volume/radio in the vehicles down when parking.

h) Not gamble, or drink beer, wine or alcoholic drinks at the parking space.

i) Not sleep overnight at the parking space.

j) The vehicles owner/driver must be responsible for his/her negligence or carefulness.

k) Not park the vehicles at the restricted area, the prohibited area, cabinet of fire prevention and fighting or the entrance into the building as this might cause jam, accident or injury to others and impact the fire prevention and fighting work.

l) Not repair vehicles at parking space except for special case accepted by the Management Board or Operating Team.

m) The vehicles owner/driver shall be responsible for the damages, leakage of materials or accidents caused to others or any parking at the running lines of vehicles.

n) To get out of danger in case of fire, all the vehicle owners must turn backward the car end inward the parking space to quickly and easily escape in emergency case.

o) The visiting visitors self keep the helmets and personal belongings. For the safety purposes, the boxes of the vehicles must always be locked carefully before leaving. The cars parked in the parking space must be locked at the doors, and the glass slides must be tightly closed before the owner leave the vehicles. The motorbike drivers shouldn’t lock the front wheels in the parking space as this shall facilitate the parking space instructors to arrange, move the motorbikes of the visitors when necessary.

p) Not use the parking space as the place for personal belongings keeping. Any personal belonging found or left at the parking space shall be subject to the decision from the Management Board.

8. The lorries/trucks are not permitted in parking space. The parking space only accept the lorries/trucks that delivery or receive goods or visit the building with legitimate purposes (business hours) and must be approved and instructed by the Management Board and Operating Team of the parking space.

9. For the vehicles that are parked against the regulations, the vehicles that are leaked, damaged causing the inconvenience to the parking space (even parked properly), or might cause danger to the basement such as fire risks, the Management Board/Operating Team of the parking space shall have to force such vehicles out from the parking space without giving any prior notice and shall not bear any legal responsibility on the removal and arrangement. All the costs relevant to the removal of the violating vehicles shall be paid by the owners.

10. If the owner/driver violates the regulations above, the Management Board/the Operating Team shall make minutes of violation.
In case the violation minutes is made to the third time, then the owner/driver shall be revoked from the parking right for such violating vehicle. The re-issuance of permission for such owner/driver shall be considered.

11. The risks might happen to the vehicles when parking at the parking space, when owner/driver discovers any loss or damage of the vehicles, then must instantly notify the parking space instructor and/or directly reflect the case to the Management Board/Operating Team of parking space. The Management Board/Operating Team of the parking space shall not be responsible for any damage, loss of accessories and objects in the cars, two wheel vehicles; or injury of any person regardless he/she is the resident of the building, or visitors of resident or in other words, directly or indirectly arising from or relating to the use of parking space.

12. All the residents/clients/staffs of parking space must have vehicles keeping cards issued by the Management Board/Operating Team of parking space. In case a vehicle owner loses the card, he/she must instantly notifies the Management Board/Operating Team of parking space and supplies the information of type, plate number, color for the prevention of vehicles loss risk. Then the vehicle owner shall make a minutes of card loss and carry out the necessary procedures for the re-issuance of the card.

13. The parking space Operating Team/Staffs reserve the right to refuse any vehicles entering the basement if: (i) the cards are not legal or the card content is not clear, or (ii) a vehicle discharge excessive exhaust fume or has oil leakage or risk of unsafe, or (iii) the vehicle driver is overdrunk from drinking wine, beer, drugs or is unable to control his/her behavior.

II. Regulations on fee payment:
1. The parking fee is made monthly: The initial payment shall start from the registration date to the end of each month, and the fee collection shall be applicable from October 2015.

2. The residents/visitors shall pay the monthly parking fees at the accounting counter of the Investor.

III. Regulations on card using:
1. In case of the card loss or registration of new card, the residents/visitors pay the fees for the new card (as per the supplier’s price from time to time).

2. In case the residents/visitors wish to register the service stop, please register 05 (five) working days in advance at the Management Board/Operating Team of parking space.

3. In case residents/visitors still have fee term but wish to terminate the service at the parking space before the term expiry and return the card, the fee balance shall be returned, as follows:

a. The residents/visitors pay fees but invoice is not or hasn’t issue:
- The remaining use time is 15 or over 15 days: return half month fee balance.
- The use time is less than 15 days: the fee is not returned.
The remaining use time is 30 days: return one month fee balance (fees is paid many months in advance).

b. The residents/visitors paid fees and invoices were issued: not fee balance is returned.

4. The residents/visitors that wish to suspend the service of the parking space, the remaining use time shall be reserved and transferred to the month of restarting the use of parking space service. (notes: in this case, please register at the Management Board/Operating Team for the card locking).

5. If residents/visitors don’t notify the suspension or termination of service, the parking space control system still automatically accounts for the fees until the change information is received. In case of card forgetting cards or fee delay, residents/visitors shall have to use non-resident cards.

6. The Investor/Management Board reserves the right to supplement, amend or cancel the contents and regulations of the parking space when necessary without any prior notice.

7. The parking fee table shall be adjusted from time to time as per the decision of the Investor/Management Board of Cham Oasis.

To have a modern, civilized life and clean-green-beautiful environment, kindly request the residents of UMA Condotel/Cham Oasis Villas to well carry out the regulations on garbage discharge, as follows:

1. Not arbitrarily throw the garbage on the corridor, precinct of the apartment/villa, in the garbage store, in the park or all the public areas.

2. All the general garbage should be put in the nylon bags, tightly tied before putting into the systems of garbage discharge gutter and close the cover.

3. Not put the carton boxes, hard paper cover or the objects of big sizes… directly into the systems of garbage discharge gutter as this shall result in the pipe jam and can’t be cleared.

4. Not pour the liquids, wet garbage…directly into the systems of garbage discharge gutter as this impact the pipe hygiene and impact the living environment.

5. Not smoke and leave the flammable objects in the garbage store room such as: petroleum and oil, gas tank, other fluidized gases…as this might result in the fire and combustion.

6. The flammable objects such as cigarette ends, lighter, …mustn’t be thrown into the garbage bin or system of garbage discharge gutter.

7. Time for garbage discharge from 5:00am - 7:00am and 6:00pm - 8:00pm.

8. Violation punishment:
- Each violation on the garbage discharge or arbitrary garbage discharge shall be fined from 200,000VND – 1,000,000VND/time, depending on level of violation
- The residents shall have to pay the arising fees for the consequence recovery from such violation
- The violations resulting in the loss or damage of assets must be subject to compensation as per the current price.
- The serious violations resulting in the safety, security, fire prevention and fighting shall be imputed for criminal liability and judged as per the regulations of Vietnam law.

9. Depending on actual situation, the new regulations shall be timely supplemented and adjusted without prior notice to construct a more and more civilized, modern, friendly and professional residential community and living environment.   

Thank you for your cooperation!




















The price: 1.000.000vnd/ time/ villa


1. Changing linens (on request).

2. Cleaning furniture in living room.

3. Vacumming bedroom and livingroom floors.

4. Cleaning the balcony, bedroom floor and livingroom floor.

5. Cleaning and sterilizing the sink.

6. Leaning electric stove top and refrigerator outside.

7. Cleaning bathtub and toilet room walls.

8. Cleaning the mirror and stainless steel items.

9. Cleaning and sterilizing the toilet.

10. Cleaning the sink and toilet room floor.


Please choose what would you like to serve (working hours of our service from 8:00am to 4:00pm)

Extra services is 100.000vnd/time (maximum 30 minutes)

Please note that all of the items in your apartment should be inspected all the time by you or a observation camera system while our cleaning staff on their working hours.

The price list for Apartment is maximum within 60 minutes/time (1 cleaning staff) or 30 minutes/time (2 cleaning staffs). For villa is maximum within 120 minutes/time (4 cleaning staffs).

Dishes washing service: 100.000vnd/time (maximum 30 minutes)

Laundry service: all the residents will get an offer 50% discount on laundry price list

The price for washing bed cover, sheet and pillow cover is 30.000vnd/kilogram

The price for washing curtain and carpet is  50.000vnd/kilogram.

Should you require any other services, please dial "0" or meet our receptionist at ground floor.

(AVAILABLE FROM Jan 1st, 2018)


- Email:

- Hotline: 01259 300 777